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Meet Natalia Lopez: A TRA-Worcester Young Parents Program Success Story!

Written by Judy Perry, YPP Instructor/ Case Manager

Natalia Lopez, age 20, is a single mom with a three year old son. Like many young mothers, she faced challenges that would make anyone want to throw their hands up and quit – homelessness, child care issues and trying to keep her head above water, to name a few. But, Natalia has a strong “keep on going” spirit.

When she came to TRA’s Young Parents Program in September 2016, we could see that she was excited and motivated to get things accomplished in her life and one of them was getting her High School Equivalency Credential. She was so determined to meet her goals that she came in with her head on straight, put her nose to the grind and got it done.

Obtaining record high scores on her High School Equivalency Tests (HiSET), she achieved her credential on November 29, 2016. And she continues to set the bar for those who will follow her in her class. As a matter of fact, her determination and motivation has been an inspiration to the other young moms. The witness of seeing her overcome obstacles that sometimes come to challenge these young parents has given them the hope and confidence to know that they too can succeed.

Natalia is a very intelligent and savvy young lady, and we knew with a little encouragement, she could do anything she put her mind to do. Her desire is to be a lawyer. To that end, she started attending Quinsigamond Community College this January to begin her Criminal Justice journey. We couldn’t be more proud of her!

The Young Parents Program is funded by the MA Department of Transitional Assistance (DTA).

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