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Meet Corey and Karina Galary: A “Couple” of TRA-New Bedford Young Parents Program Success Stories!

Corey Galary had dropped out of high school and was working at a low-paying entry-level job and his girlfriend Karina was still in high school when they learned that they were expecting their first child, a little girl whom they named Luna. The couple married in March 2017 and struggled to make ends meet. By that time, Corey had lost his job and they had no income at the time of Luna’s birth. According to Corey, “we wanted to have jobs and work…but had no choice but to request [DTA] cash assistance.”

They both knew they wanted to get their high school equivalency credential, that it was essential for them to get their education so they could give their daughter a better life. As Corey says, “we want our daughter to know she has dependable parents.”

“My husband and I decided to look for [an education] program that accepted both of us. We heard that there was going to be a career/ education vendor fair. That is when we discovered Training Resources of America, Inc. (TRA), and our lives changed forever,” says Karina.

The couple enrolled in TRA-New Bedford’s Young Parents Program (YPP) where they met YPP Instructor, Bethaney Price, and TRA-South Shore Regional Manager, Barbora Hazuková. At TRA, Corey and Karina received high school equivalency instruction, study packets, and a steady dose of “you can do it – never give up” support. Corey attained his high school equivalency credential in September of 2017, followed by Karina in November. With further assistance from the TRA-New Bedford team, the couple enrolled in classes at Bristol Community College in January 2018.

According to Karina, “My time and experience at TRA has had a great impact on my life. Without TRA, and the assistance of Beth and Barbora, I would not have graduated. I am very grateful for this program and how far it has taken me.” Corey agrees, “If it wasn’t for Beth being such a great teacher, my wife being there for me, and my daughter changing my life, I don’t know where I would be today. I recommend Beth to every student. She is the teacher everyone needs because she pushes her students to succeed.”

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