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“THE STEALTH FIGHTER” - TRA-Quincy YouthBuild Success Story

Joey Ingemi joined Quincy YouthBuild only two weeks after he dropped out of high school. He had heard that YouthBuild offered an alternative approach to education as well as providing hands-on construction skills. Since a couple of his friends were also applying for YouthBuild and he had enjoyed previous construction experiences with his Dad, Joey thought YouthBuild was the perfect fit.

Joey is the quiet guy in class, thoughtful, respectful, yet playful. His wit and intelligence are unassuming.

For a small guy, he thinks big! When there is a task to be completed, he dives in and goes full throttle. When asked what he would do if he were paired up with someone on a project whom he didn’t like, he answered “Just get the job done.”

Joey set getting his GED as a top priority and after only 4 months in the program, mission complete!

Next on the radar…..United States Marine Corps!

Having already researched the USMC entry requirements (GED + 15 college credits), Joey is preparing for the
Accuplacer Exam and setting himself up for success in his first year at Quincy College.

The Few. The Proud. That’s Joey!

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