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Written by Instructor Ruth Timas

On June 16, 2016, the ESOL Adult Career Pathways students conducted their final class project. Each student chose a career pathway or related topic that was of interest to her/ him, researched the field, and then conducted a presentation to fellow students. This project also helped class members to assess and improve their own skills; be independent learners; develop a good attitude and eagerness to learn; and cultivate strong communication skills that will help them execute their written and oral performances in the future.

Presentation topics included: “Caring for the Sick and Elderly” (Soledad Garcia), “How to Become a Nurse” (Julie Theodore), “Is it Appropriate to Pick up a 2-3 Month Old Every Time They Cry?” (Myrlande Deralus), “Establishing Network Support” (Noor Afshan), “Do You Consider Yourself to Be a Member of the Middle Class?” (Poudy Joseph), “Working in the Bank” (Myrtha Savigne), “The Importance of Computers in the World” (Ralph Frederic), “Working with Elderly People” (Dilma Gonzalez), and “Creating a Positive Self-Image” by Carine Djouguela.

Examples of the student presentations follow:

Soledad Garcia’s topic was “Caring for the Sick and Elderly”, which she chose based on her interest in the CNA field. Soledad says, “I went to CNA school because I like people. I want to become a nurse to know more about health and get a better job.” Researching this topic gave Soledad an idea of what kind of education she needs and what barriers she needs to break in order to obtain her career goal.

Julie Theodore’s topic was “How to become a Nurse”. Similar to Soledad, researching this topic gave her an idea on how to become a nurse and understand more about the nursing field. Julie says, “To become a nurse, there are 3 steps: graduate from high school, complete a nursing degree and become licensed”.

Myrtha Savigne chose “Working in the Bank” as her career pathway topic because she is interested in working in a financial institution/ bank. By researching this topic, she learned how to get into this field, what steps are needed to attain it, and the importance of working at a bank. As Myrtha enthusiastically says, “Some people think working at the bank is not worth it because it is a job with too many risks. We must not forget the joy that prevails there in the bank when we form a dynamic team.” She continues, “I would like to work in a bank because I like business”.

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