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Scientists in the Classroom 2017 Series Ends on a High Note...

On Thursday, June 22, 2017, David Gebb, Senior Research Engineer from Saint-Gobain R&D Center, ended this year's Scientists in the Classroom series with an exciting demonstration of the infrared camera and how he uses it in his job!

Worcester YouthBuild students were enthralled with David's visit, as evidenced by their comments outlined below!

"It was great to see David. I was so astonished of the functions of the infrared camera. I am glad that he brought that in to show us how he measures heat at work. Thank you David!" ~ Kabilraj Kantharaj

"I've always thought thermal imaging cameras were fascinating. Ever since I was young I've wanted this expensive piece of equipment. It was awesome to be able to see some in depth details on how thermal cameras work and even the programming behind it." ~ Joshua Ventura

"I found it fascinating how long body temperature stays on an object once we've walked away from it. It was also so interesting to figure out the different ways infrared could be used. David's presentation was great and it's always nice to see people who enjoy what they do for work. Thanks Saint-Gobain!"
~ Saniyya Moreno

"I liked infrared it is really cool. One day I would like to make a movie that is in all infrared because I feel like it would make a great scary movie." ~ Rutherford Dorelus

"I learned the science behind an infrared camera. The whole programming system behind it was awesome. I've always seen all of these pictures with infrared involved, but I've never actually seen how you can measure heat with it. Thanks David!" ~ Joshua Bourassa

"Something I enjoyed seeing was how we can see the temperature on the camera. The reflections looked like legit holograms. David came from North Carolina and it was cool to see that he really established himself here and enjoys what he's doing." ~ Ciara Santiago

"What I learned is that infrared can't see past glass - it only reflects back. I learned it can't pick up heat in the air also. I love the interest and pride David took in his work. He worked hard and proved that even though he started as a mechanical engineer he was able to do what he really liked." ~ Jeremy Javier

"What I learned was that the infrared camera does amazing things. The technology behind it is like no other. The heat and the coloring and how it changes is really cool to me. One thing I thought was cool is that even if an object is redder than another that doesn't mean that it is hotter." ~ Christian Vergara

"I liked learning about the infrared camera. I also liked how you can write on the wall and the camera picks up on it because of the heat coming from our hands." ~ Gerome Wright

"I learned through a personal experience that infrared can't see through glass. Also, I learned that you can't see heat in the hair and it only portrays off of objects. I didn't know there was a camera that really only sees different heat levels in a room so that was wicked cool." ~ Christian Fernandez

"I found it interesting how we could see Christian's hand prints on the glass. It was amazing how when he stood behind the glass it was like he disappeared because you the camera couldn't pick up on his heat through that. I also thought it was interesting that you can't pick up on heat through walls. Maybe one day they'll invent something that you can? I definitely learned something new as always when SGC scientists come into the classroom." ~ Imalay Guzman


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