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More from Scientists in the Classroom Series...

On Monday, May 22nd, Rachel Pytel, Sr. Principal Scientist/ Group Leader, CertainTeed R&D and Linda Bateman, Sr. Technical Specialist for Superabrasives R&D, once again made a great presentation to the Worcester YouthBuild students as part of the 2017 Scientists in the Classroom series. In addition to sharing their inspiring personal and professional journeys, they gave a detailed demonstration on how CertainTeed shingles are designed, made and tested.

Student Comments:

"Linda inspired me a lot because I found that I can really relate to her story. It goes to show that you can overcome anything." ~ Christian Fernandez

"Rachel is so young and has done a lot for herself. You can tell she is very intelligent and loves the field she works in. I also appreciate her quirky personality. She is very admirable." ~ Saniyya Moreno

"I love how someone can come from nothing and become something. It really inspires me to do better."
~ Rutherford Dorelus

"It was great to see both of them. It was a motivational and informative speech. I feel very inspired. I learned something new today about shingles and I didn't know that actual rocks went into them." ~ Kabilraj Kantharaj

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Thank You Rachel Pytel and Linda Bateman! Worcester YouthBuild is so grateful for your continued support and educational and inspirational lessons!

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