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More from Scientists in the Classroom Series...

On Monday, May 15, 2017, Steven Jacek, enthusiastically walked Worcester YouthBuild students through his typical work day as a Research Engineer at Saint-Gobain's Research and Development Center. He shared several videos of his lab and the machines he works with.

He also brought in several samples of construction and consumer materials the students were familiar with, and explained how they are created. His presentation ended with a fun activity that encouraged students to make the most products out of the materials they were given - something that Steven does on a daily basis.

Thank you, Steven Jacek and Thank you, Saint-Gobain for bringing STEM training into the Worcester YouthBuild Classroom!

Student Comments:

"It's cool how precise and observant (Steven) has to be about the materials they are using." ~ Joshua Ventura

"(Steven) found a job that he is very happy with, is hands on, and contributes to society...I admire that." ~ Saniyya Moreno

"(Steven's) work is very concise and if he makes one mistake it will mess up the whole process. It's a lot of pressure, but it's pretty cool." ~ Rutherford Dorelus

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