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Short and Long Vowel Sounds

The links listed below will allow you to access level 1 of the AAA Spelling exercises directly for help with the sounds of short and long vowels. Click on the word list that you want to use. When you get to the exercise we recommend that you select the Hear and Spell option under the Learn or Practice columns.  This option will help you to distinguish the difference between certain sounds by trying to spell the word that your hear.  Later try the other options for fun.  Print the results to show to your teacher.

Short Sound of A

Word List 1 - am,an,as,at,rat,sat,cat,bad,mad,pad 
Word List 2 - sad,sap,gap,bag,gag,hag,lag,tag,ban,can
Word List 3 - fan,pan,ran,tan,van,cap,map,nap,rap,jam,ham

Short Sound of E

Word List 4 - bed,led,red,wed,beg,leg,hen,den,men,jet
Word List 5 - let,met,net,pet,set,yet,fell,bell,sell,nest,zest
Word List 6 - test,pest,rest,jest,tent,rent,sent,went,felt,pelt,melt 

Short Sound of I

Word List 7 - if,it,is,bit,hit,sit,rid,lid,sip,tip 
Word List 8 - nip,lip,him,rim,fix,six,din,pin,sin,tin 
Word List 9 - dig,fig,big,pig,jig,rig,bib,rib,fib

Short Sound of O

Word List 10 - on,ox,got,cot,jot,lot,cob,job,rob,sob
Word List 11 - cod,God,nod,pod,rod,log,hog,dog,box,hop
Word List 12 - mop,pop,top,dot,jot,lot,pot,rot,not

Short Sound of U

Word List 13 - up,us,cub,hub,rub,bud,mud,dug,mug,pug,tug,jug,sum
Word List 14 - bun,run,sun,rut,hung,lung,sung,gush,dust,must,rust,gust,drum

Review of Short Vowel Sounds

Word List 15 - man,fin,fit,hot,rug,lap,get,dim,rot,hum,pat
Word List 16 - ten,mix,fun,tap,wet,hid,dot,hut,had,peg,his
Word List 17 - cut,had,den,did,sod,fun,fog,tub,bet,hug,dip
Word List 18 - fog,gun,did,gum,nag,bet,pen,cog,flog,help,lift,rush

Long Vowel Sounds

Word List 19  - date,late,mate,jade,fade,rate,came,same,cage,page,lace,wake
Word List 20 -me,fee,feel,seek,we,she,feed,meek,beef,heed,deed,keep,reel,weed,deep,peep,weep
Word List 21 - pile,file,mile,dike,like,fire,tire,life,rife,wife,hide,ride
Word List 22 - code,node,rove,jolt,molt,bolt,bone,cone,hone,tone,hope,rope,cope,note,vote,hold
Word List 23 - lure,cure,pure,cube,tube,mute,dune,use,huge,cue

Vowel Sounds with Blends and Digraphs

Word List 24 - crab,grab,drab,slab,stab,brag,cram,clan,clad,dash
Word List 25 - bled,fled,sled,sped,then,bent,best,vest,west,chip
Word List 26 - ship,whip,slip,drip,spit,crib,gift,king,grit
Word List 27 - shot,blot,spot,plot,trot,clog,frog,plod,stop,clod

Double Ending Consonants and Double Vowels

Word List 28 - bump,lump,pump,jump,hump,bulk,just,drug,shut,hush
Word List 29 - card,hard,bark,dark,hint,lint,mint,tint,deal,meal,neat
Word List 30 - heat,bang,fang,gang,hang,rang,tank,rank,sank,hank,dank,dime

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