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Estella Mayoni - "My Success...So Far" - TRA-Brockton Success Story

Success stories are stories from the heart. Stories tell the long but joyous journey that changed me to a better person, while learning the fountain of knowledge that I did. I achieved success in many more ways than just one and it’s all thanks to Training Resources of America-Brockton Office (TRA), Harbor One, Brockton Adult Education Center, Career Works, and Massasoit Community College, and to all those staff members along the way.

In Tanzania, East Africa, I ran my own business, a Bureau de Change, for 10 years. Before that, I worked for an airline and had many opportunities to visit the United States. About two years ago I made another visit to my daughter, who was born here (in the U.S.). I decided to stay, so she applied for a Green Card for me. I looked for a job at Career Works (Career Center in Brockton). There, on the bulletin board, I saw an advertisement for how Training Resources of America teaches adults, so I looked for the school and spoke with Ruth O’Brien-Denly, ABE / ESOL Coordinator. She tested my spoken English and then my math and written English skills, putting me in Adult Basic Education 3.

Shortly after, she recommended I also do the Distance Learning Program, which gave me extra study time. I worked every day at TRA from about 10 am to 8 pm, either on the computer or in class. After six months, I tried the GED. Ironically, I passed almost everything including math, something I’d never studied before I came here. But I didn’t pass English reading. So I studied more, took the GED Reading exam two more times and finally passed with a very good score. I had earned my GED!

Last fall, I was invited to join FIT (Financial Industry Transition) for College and Transitions for College programs with a small group of fellow students. The programs were collaborations between TRA-Brockton, Career Works, Massasoit Community College, HarborOne Credit Union, and Brockton Area Workforce Investment Board. We studied College Readiness, English for Customer Service, Accuplacer Prep, Basic Excel, Math, Introduction to Computers, MS Word, English Writing, Accounting and Finance, and various job hunting and work readiness skills. Graduation took place on May 18, 2013.

My goal all along was to get a good job and to become a citizen when I’ve been here long enough. I’m currently working in a jewelry shop as a cashier and sales person but hope to work in the banking industry. I enjoy that world and hope to rise in it.

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