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Mentoring program helps young parents set and achieve goals


Sometimes the best way to prove to a young person that they can overcome life’s obstacles is to introduce them to someone who already has.

That’s exactly what Training Resources of America is doing with its Young Parents Demonstration Program, which was introduced in New Bedford this past fall and seeks to match mentors with pregnant or parenting out-of-school youth ages 14 to 21 who are seeking to achieve a high school diploma or work on parenting and life skills.

“We had done mentoring before, and you notice the difference it makes in a young person’s life,” said Kristi Bruwer, the Young Parents Demonstation Grant Evaluation Coordinator, who applied for a grant to fund the project in 2011. “This is a demonstration project (meaning) it is data- and research-based. It will be interesting to see if it’s making a difference.”

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