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My name is Tatyana Reyes. I am 17 years old. Three years ago I gave birth to this handsome, wonderful baby boy named Elijah. During my pregnancy I was still in middle school. There were a lot of students attending school and I didn’t want to get hit in my stomach, so I had entered a school for teen mothers. Yes, it was somewhat better. As I attended there I finished middle school, and the next year went into high school. There was a program call ADAP. It was a night school during the day, but I would have gotten my diploma faster in that program.

While I was in that program for about 5 months, I had gotten pregnant with my second child, Nyia’liese. After a few more months went by, I got into personal problems and I had to move to Brockton. They didn’t have the ADAP program in Brockton and if I went back to high school I would have had to start as a freshman, so I decided to get my GED. I am now attending the TRA-Young Parents Program in Brockton, MA. I’ve already passed four GED test subjects and have only one more to go!

Well, what I am trying to say is, it’s hard being a teen mother and still going to school! There are a lot of responsibilities being a mother. I don’t want to say your life ends, because it doesn’t! Just a new life has begun, and a rough one at that. My suggestion to teens and adults that want or are thinking about having a child(ren), just finish school and make sure you have your life stable before bringing a child into it. I wish I finished school, had a good paying job and a house, and then started a family. But I’m rolling with the punches and making it.

When I receive my GED, I will start applying for colleges to become an L.P.N or an R.N. and provide a better future for my children. THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!

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