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Roula's Success Story

TRA Quincy Student Receives Scholarship to Quincy College!

Roula, a busy Mom of two, came to TRA Quincy in March of 2022. Roula was enrolled in our Adult Basic Education as well as Our CIES program. Roula was determined to attain her Equivalency Diploma but was not really sure what she wanted to do moving forward after that. Our staff went to work attempting to not only help her attain her HiSet but to help her chart a path for her future.

Through hard work and persistent effort, Roula attained her HiSet in August of 2022. Roula continued to work with us in 2023 through our CIES program to determine her next steps. With some apprehension at first to the idea, TRA staff were able to guide her through the application process at Quincy College and watch her confidence grow. Roula enrolled in Quincy College as a full-time student to pursue a degree in Computer Science.

After her first two successful semesters, she received a scholarship in recognition of her success from Quincy College. Despite being a full-time student, and Mom to two young children, She was still determined to pursue part-time work. TRA assisted her in attaining a work-from-home research analyst position for ComputerShare. 

With a little guidance from TRA Quincy Staff and Roula’s sheer determination and strong work ethic produced rewarding results. We are so proud of Roula and are looking forward to assisting her with whatever endeavors she pursues going forward.

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