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The following student testimonial is the sixth in our series of stories of how our students are adjusting to remote learning during these challenging times...

Current Student in the TRA-Brockton Adult Basic Education (ABE) Level 2 Class Program

“My name is Maria and I am 36 years old. I left France one year ago to live in the United States. Before I arrived in Brockton, Massachusetts I had made well-defined goals and I immediately started looking for an [ABE] program. My first goal was to improve my English language skills so I would be able to communicate more easily with other people. My second goal was to be able to follow my children's education. [And my] third goal is a personal goal for myself…I want to study to obtain a master’s degree in financial accounting at a university sometime in the near future. I needed to find an [ABE] program which would take into consideration [the fact that] I’ve already got a solid educational background and have had a profession, and [which] would [help] set up a plan for me to have a successful profession in the United States.”

“I began my search with an admission’s test at Massasoit College to take evening classes, but it was too expensive for me. I was invited to attend free classes at Brockton Public Library, but their program level was too low. One day I was talking with a friend about what I wished to do to achieve my goals and he told me about the Training Resources of America, Inc.’s [Adult Literacy] program.”

“Following the advice of my friend, I made a choice and I decided to join the TRA-Brockton’s ABE program last September. TRA has been, by far, the most appropriate educational program for me to improve my English skills on the path toward my goals, especially of entering a college and a graduate program. Additionally, this program [has been just] what I needed because they have all the assets to build students’ confidence and allow them to progress every day. It has been the best also, even during COVID-19 [with distance learning]. The teachers know how to be available for each of their students, putting in place different communication means to stay in contact with them by phone, email, Remind, and Zoom meetings.”

“Now, it is my turn to advise you. If you are looking for a complete educational program surrounded by a team who cares about your achievements, chose Training Resources of America. The program, which has several class levels of English, Math, Social Studies and Science, is free and open to people of any age and nationality. They have a team of professional, serious, and dynamic teachers available to do their best for the needs of each student in the program. In addition to their computer programs, TRA also has different tools and learning resources such as books and modern technology with many learning applications for everyone.”

And thank you Maria (a native Cape Verdean with French citizenship) for sharing your story! We are very pleased to hear about your experience with the TRA-Brockton ABE program. We hope other students see your testimonial and take your advice! And thank you to all TRA-Brockton staff in our Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education Adult Literacy evening program for another job well done!

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