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During these unprecedented and challenging COVID-19 times, we at TRA are diligently working to keep our students on track through distance learning and ongoing remote contact!

We are proud of our incredible and dedicated staff for the many creative, fun, and multi-media methods they have come up with to keep our students connected and progressing in their studies.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing some stories of how our students are adjusting to remote learning during these challenging times. We’ll also have a story or two about students who achieved milestones before COVID-19 changed our world. And again, HATS OFF to the entire TRA staff for a job very well done!

And here's our first student testimonial...

Current Student in Worcester YouthBuild Construction Skills Track

“Remote learning has affected me in many ways, all of which being very positive. For starters, I have been doing way more work than I was before and I just received Student of the Week. I would not have been able to do it without support from my aunt for driving me to succeed. I do have to say the way the [Worcester YouthBuild] staff put together everything, for example: the 9:30 am Zoom meetings every morning, really helps me get up and motived to be productive. Also me and my instructor have put together daily meetings to help me with my subjects because sometimes I don’t always get it when it’s just right in front of me, so, another reason I like remote learning is that the YouthBuild staff always has mine and everyone’s back and I appreciate that greatly.”

Keep up the good work, Austin! We’re proud of you!

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