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College and Career Readiness Resources (Next Steps)

Get My Future - the Career One Stop with sponsorship from the U.S. Department of Labor launches Get My Future a mobile-friendly web application that helps youth plan their careers, explore education and training options, and search and apply for jobs.

Massachusetts Career Information System (Mass CIS) - this site includes useful information on a variety of career options including selecting a career, job search, applying to colleges, keeping jobs, and administration of O'Net interest profiler.

O*NET Online - includes information about 950 occupations including information on skills, abilities, work activities and interests...great for analysis of student skill gaps

My Next Move - career exploration tool which allows you to search by occupation name or description, by industry, or by work interests. This last option activates the O*NET Interest Profiler which can help you find out what your interests are and how they relate to the world of work. NEW DEC 2011

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH) 2010-2011 - this service maintained by the U.S. Department of Labor provides valuable labor market information on specific careers which includes such data as nature of work, working conditions, employment stats, training required, job outlook, earnings, related occupations and sources of additional information.

Learn to Earn Toolkit (ESOL) - a free online resource for intermediate and advanced adult learners of English and basic skills. You are introduced to 10 topic areas of learning for the workforce including critical thinking, English language, oral communication, written communication, reading comprehension, teamwork, diversity, information technology, and social responsibility, with several lessons in each topic. You will explore career possibilities, learn vocabulary in context, and earn badges.. NEW Jan 2017

Skills to Pay the Bills Video Series - Series of softskills videos developed by the U.S. Dept of Labor for youth. Videos are short but well done and cover topics such as enthusiasm and attitude, teamwork, communication, critical thinking and problem solving, networking, and professionalism. NEW Mar 2015

Workforce Essential Skills - allows you to access streaming video lessons from PBS Literacy Links including Workplace Essential Skills, GED Connections, andPre-GED Connections. Learners can easily access videos at home on a computer, tablet or smart phone or anywhere there is a connection. These videos are free to all MA residents. NEW Feb 2013

Note Taking and Test Taking Strategies - this website is devoted to presenting a wide variety of techniques on taking notes, organizing your notes, maintaining motivation, reviewing your notes, and helping you improve your note taking skills in a variety of other ways. The site also includes techniques for doing well on a wide range of certification tests. NEW Sep 2012

The Career Key - A process which helps your to decide on career choices and research these career options

Adult Career Pathways Training and Support Center - this is a comprehensive site that supports adult education providers in designing, implementing, and improving adult career pathway programs. Through this site you have access to resources, implementation strategies, best practices, and research.NEW Nov 2012

Integrating Career Awareness into the ABE and ESOL Classroom - A free career readiness guide for ESOL llearners from SABES. NEW Nov 2012

My MnCareers - career information planning site developed by the State of Minnesota but useful for everyone. This site is intentionally easy to use. It has three levels including a level for English language learners written at 3rd grade reading level and one for H.S. or GED completers written at grade 6. NEW May 2012 - Brocton

Building Skills 4 Work - offers free online training and skill building using interactive lessons in real work situations. The major categories covered are Reading, Math, solve problems and make decisions, cooperate and
resolve conflicts, observe critically and listen actively. You must register to use the program but there is no cost. - use the Career Network section to chat with experts in different fields, pot to message boards and use their career tools.

World of Work Map - ACT's career choice page

Next Steps - site for teenagers which has a useful Career Profiles section

CareerZone - website connected with the Harrington O'Shea Career Decision making system which provides up-to-date information about all the jobs listed in the O*NET, the U.S. Department of Labor's replacement for the Dictionary of Occupational Titles. The CareerZone allows users to download detailed career descriptions for all
occupations, find on-screen videos of real people at work, use "Resume Maker" to help job seekers develop a resume and "Cover Letter Maker" to help students create a cover letter.

What Color is Your Parachute? - Comprehensive guide to career planning and job hunting with many links to other sites.

Career Builder - another large site with career information and links to other sites.

Mapping Your Future - provides free tools to help you make a correct career choice by showing you techniques for assessing your skills and interests, developing a career plan, researching careers, and finding work.

America's Career Infonet - information on hundreds of occupations and the requirements for entry

Career Guides from Jobstar - comprehensive collection of career information

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