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Fitchburg Trivia:

  • Fitchburg was founded by Amos Kimball, Samuel Hunt, and John Fitch who chose the name "Fitchburg" because it was synonymous with heroism.
  • Located on the Nashua River, Fitchburg became known as a manufacturing center during the Industrial Revolution.
  • Fitchburg is the birthplace of NASCAR brothers Ken and Ron Bouchard.
  • Fitchburg is noted for the Rollstone Boulder.
  • The 1961 movie, 'Return to Peyton Place' was filmed in Fitchburg.
  • In the fictional Harry Potter universe, Fitchburg is the hometown of the professional Quidditch team the Fitchburg Finches.


SNAP-Path-to-Work – provides education, training and work readiness preparation for Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents (ABAWDS) who receive Food Stamps assistance.

Young Parents – Offers pregnant and parenting out-of-school youth, aged 14-24, who have not achieved a high school diploma with a variety of educational and life skills training.

For more information on the Fitchburg site and the programs offered, contact Jen Chaves,

435 Main Street. Suite 2500
Fitchburg, MA 01420
Phone: (978) 343-4452
Fax: (978) 345-2647

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