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Brockton TRADE Student Thanks TRA!

Thuan Huynh immigrated to the United States in 1986 from Viet Nam where he was well educated in his own language. He was working as a material handler at Haemonetics in Massachusetts when his division was moved to Mexico. As a result, Mr. Huynh and many of his fellow employees became displaced workers, and therefore eligible for a DOL-funded program called Trade Adjustment Assistance for Workers. The program provides a variety of reemployment services including education, training and job-search assistance.

As TRA operates a TRADE program at our Brockton site, Mr. Huynh started English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes on May 5, 2015. In the two years he studied at TRA, he advanced from ESOL level 1 to ESOL level 3 and just recently completed his education journey in ABE level 3. The following is a letter that Mr. Huynh wrote to his teacher, Silvia Cametti.

Dear Teacher,

On May 5th 2017, I stopped attending the TRA training program after learning ESL and ABE. I have learned a lot. My English reading, writing, speaking and understanding greatly improved.

The tours to Boston City Hall and one Manufacturing Company in Avon, the briefing sessions of Santander Bank, the short courses of Nutrition and Presidency election as well as the students' presentations about different subjects were very interesting to the students.

All the above achievements will probably help me succeed in the latter part of my life. However, what has impressed me mostly is the spirit of education of TRA in Brockton.

We really feel comfortable with the excellent, good-hearted teachers, with the schedule, good discipline and pleasant quietude.

Time passed by into the void but the TRA class still remains in my memory as a special souvenir.

I am deeply grateful to the TRA, Barbora, all teachers.

Thank you so much and wish you all the best.

Thuan Huynh

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Congratulations, Mr. Huynh. And a big thank you to TRA-Brockton Manager Barbora Hazuková, TRADE Instructor Silvia Cametti and other TRA-Brockton staff for another job “Well Done”!

Please note: The attached photo is of the current TRADE class. Mr. Huynh is pictured in the center of the photo wearing the blue jacket. Teacher Silvia Cametti is at the far right.

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