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Technology Sites

Northstar Digital Literacy Project - The ability of adults to perform basic computer and internet tasks is assessed through online, self-guided modules. All TRA DESE students are expected to complete the Basic Computer Use module requirements. Students are also invited to voluntarily complete modules in other areas including: Internet, Windows Operating System, Mac OS, Email, Microsoft Word, Social Media, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint. NEW Dec 2015

Mouse Practice - this site allows you to practice using the mouse. It has exercises for moving the mouse, clicking, dragging and dropping, and drawing with the mouse. NEW Mar 2015

GCF Learn Free - this site is sponsored by the Goodwill Community Foundation. It offers free online classes in Microsoft Office Suite products and tutorials in the many useful aspects of technology. There are also a limited numbers tutorials in mathematics, reading, work and career skills, and lifeskills. NEW Oct 2015 - Brockton

Searching 101 - this is a five part tutorial that presents the basics of online searching.NEW May 2011

David Rosen's Harnessing Technology Web Links - this is a web location that include a huge library of web links that are catalogued with a rationale that makes them a valuable resource for adult education, english for speakers of other languages and technology integration.
NEW May 2011

Basic Computer Skills Curriculum for ABE - this site provides lesson modules developed by computer teachers from ABE programs in the St. Paul Community Literacy Consortium. It includes Lessons (handouts), Teacher Guides, Vocabulary Lists and Activities. NEW Apr 2012

eHow - How To do Just About Everything. This site has step by step instructions on how to do a wide range of activities including many related to technology. After reaching the main site select a main category and drill down until you find what you want. Main categories related to technology include Computers, Electronics, and Internet.

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