Lesson 1: Life Functions and Cells

Identify life functions in all living things and life processes in cells.

Lesson 2: Cell Structure -Identify the components of cells and their functions.

Cells Alive - provides interactive models of animal, plant, and bacteria cells. Students are able to click on a cell part in the diagram and have the name of the part identified or point at the part name and have the cell part highlighted. Other parts of this site display the processes of meiosis and mitosis as well and offer useful tools such as worksheets, puzzles, quizzes and PowerPoint presentations.

Inside the Cell - provides an online interactive textbook on cell biology which explores the basic structures that allow cells to accomplish their tasks as well as some of the ways in which scientist explore cells. It explains the functions that all cells share such as making fuel and proteins, transporting materials, and disposing of wastes. It shows how cells specialize to get their unique jobs done and how they reproduce, age and die.

The Virtual Cell  - take a fascinating tour inside an animated cell! With interactive activities and an accompanying textbook.

Lesson 3: Tissues, Organs and Systems - identifies and describes the interrelationship between cells, tisues, organs and systems.

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