Lesson 1: Single Cell Reproduction

Identify and describe the two basic processes of cell reproduction.

Asexual Reproduction

Lesson 2: Reproduction of Male and Female Cells

Identify and describe the steps in the reproduction of male and female cells.

Lesson 3: The Reproductive System

Identify the parts and processes of the male and female reproductive systems.

Reproductive System - takes you to Healthboards web site where you can select an icon to explore the functions of the digestive system

Lesson 4: Genetics and Heredity

Identify the basic laws of heredity and the roles of genes.

Genetic Science Learning Center - several units and activities for teacher and student use explore the fascinating microcosmic world of genetics. Students can build their own models of DNA, explore the genetics of hearing and deafness, learn how mutations occur, and much more.

DNA from the Beginning - a animated basic course in genetics arrange around 41 key concepts (e.g. Children Resemble their Parents, Genes Come in Pairs, Genes Don't Blend, Some Genes are Dominant. Each of these concepts form the basis for a unique lesson which includes a variety of activities such as concept development, animations, audio video elements, detailed biological information, a gallery, problem solving, and additional web links.

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