Lesson 1: Nervous System

Identify and describe the components and functions of the nervous system.

Human Body Adventure - Nervous System - this website provides a complete simulated tour of the human body. Select the site map option which allow you to learn about a particular part of the body.

Nervous System - takes you to Healthboards web site where you can select an icon to explore the functions of the nervous system

Seeing, Hearing, and Smelling the World - students will find much to explore about the world of the senses at this graphics-intensive and middle to high school level site.

Lesson 2: Glandular System

Identify and describe how the glands reglate the various systems
of the body.

Endocrine System - clear discussion of the endocrine system including an understanding of hormones, mechanisms of hormone action and the endocrine organs (glands).

Endocrine System Tour - find out more about your endocrine system by taking the Mayo Clinic Oasis interactive visual tour. You be able to view the entire endocrine system, complete with labels and then click on the label of any organ to see it in a closer view.

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