IXL Math Practice - This useful site has been expanded to include Math skills ranging from Pre-K to Grade 12 including Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus and Calculus. What is neat about the site is the way you can pass your mouse pointer over each of the large list of skills and view an example of the type of math that is covered prior to selecting it. Unlimited use requires a paid membership, but each computer system is allowed limited practice each day. Also check out the new Language Arts, Science and Social Studies skills practice. UPDATED Mar 2020

National Library of Virtual Manipulatives - This interactive site is an extremely useful one for teachers and students. Using manipulatives has been shown to be a highly effective way to develop mathematical skills. Well designed and properly used manipulatives, allow students to experience the world of mathematical relationships first hand and to discover mathematical principals for themselves. This site provides numerous online manipulatives that are divided by grade level and by the NCTM standards. Since these standards are the basis for the Massachusetts ABE Frameworks it is relatively easy to locate manipulatives which help to achieve specific standards. All manipulatives are appropriate for adults.

Khan Academy - popular free library which includes thousands of instructional videos. The main topic called Arithmetic and Pre-Algebra includes subtopics, Whole Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, Percents, Ratios and Proportions, and many other Pre-Algebra topics. There are also comprehensive playlists for Algebra, Geometry, Trignonometry, Calculus, Science and Social Studies. Students may set up a free account which will allow tracking of progress. Teachers may become coaches and set up their students with recommeded assignments. The lastest improvement includes a pretesting system and a matrix for tracking progress that show gaps that need to be addressed. . UPDATED Oct 2013

Math Open Reference - this is a free, web based reference source for students and teachers. The idea is to provide free, high quality math reference material on the web. It is highly interactive and contains many engaging animations. At the moment, the only subject is geometry, but the project is planning to eventually include all K-12 Math. This project provides an inquiry-based approach to learning that allows students the ability to manipulate the screen and try things out. NEW Feb 2015

HiSET Test - this is the official site of the HiSET test, which is the official High School Equivalency test in Massachusetts. This link will bring you directly to the section that is designed for test takers. You will be able to create your own personal HiSet account and access it at any time. You will be able to locate HiSet test centers and schedule yourself to take the tests. You will also find information about the content of the test as well as access both free and paid practice tests. NEW Feb 2018

Hippocampus - Algebra - Algebra 1A and 1B courses are offered as well as Elementary Algebra. This program provides easy explanation of all Algebra concepts and plenty of opportunities for students to practice each skill.

XP Math Games - 100% Free Math Arcade games that are aligned with Common Core State Standards. These games when applied properly will help you to engage your students and increase interest in math. XP Math allows teachers set up a class of students and differentiate instruction for each student. It also provides tools to collect and analyze student data at every stage of learning. NEW Jan 2015

Fast Forward - allows you to access streaming video lessons from PBS Literacy Links. GED Connections is no longer available but Pre-GED Connections and Workplace Essential Skills video series are still available. Both video series include Mathematics videos with Workplace Essential Skills giving empasis to contextualizing skills to the workplace. Learners can easily access these videos at home on a computer, tablet or smart phone or anywhere there is a connection. These videos are free to all MA residents. UPDATED Jul 2014

Good Calculators - provides a variety of FREE speciality calculator programs that allow you to input your own data and see how the calculation is done. You could use these calculators to check your work in a particular Math topic area. Examples of the many available calculators include Loan, Mortgage, Date and Time, Slope, Ratio, Volume and Engineering calculators. NEW Oct 2016

MCAS 2019 Test Items - MCAS released test items for all grades and subjects provide teachers and students with a wealth of practice exercises of sufficient difficulty and problem solving intensity for use in class and homework. The previous released MCAS test items are also available below by year. UPDATED Jul 2019

___MCAS 2018 Test items
___MCAS 2017 Test items
___MCAS 2016Test items
___MCAS 2015 Test items
___MCAS 2014 Test items
___MCAS 2013 Test items
___MCAS 2012 Test items
___MCAS 2011 Test items
___MCAS 2010 Test items
___MCAS 2009 Test items
___MCAS 2008 Test items
___MCAS 2007 Test items

Math Is Fun - Great site which provides a great deal of information in topics such as Numbers, Money, Measurement, Algebra, Geometry and Data with the inclusion of many useful Activities, Worksheets, Games, and Puzzles. UPDATED Aug 2013

AAA Math - includes interactive Math practice for a wide variety of Math skills with an explanation of the skill and randomly generated problems

Math Playground - provide math practice through a large number of interactive math games, logic games, math arcade games, word problems and math videos. Many areas of math are covered including whole numbers, fractions, decimals, percents, ratio and algebra. NEW July 2013 - suggested by Mike Quigley

Cool Math - this site provides a wide range of higher level math lessons for Pre-Algebra, Algebra and Pre-Calculus. Lower level math is found in the section called CoolMath4Kids and in the website below. Check out all the cool math games. .UPDATED Oct 2016

Cool Math 4 Kids - this site is related to and available from the cool math site above. It provides a range of lessons, games, and manipulatives for arithmetic skills (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division). The games are great.NEW Oct 2016

Cut the Knot - Interactive Mathematics Activities uses math applets to explore mathematics through problem solving activities. NEW Dec 2011

SoftSchools.com - provides free math worksheets, free math games, grammar quizzes and free phonics worksheets and games. Worksheets and games are organized by grades and topics. These printable math and phonics worksheets are auto generated. NEW Feb 2012

Math Goodies - includes material for study of statistics, pre-algebra, probability, integers, percent, number theory, circumference and area of a circle, and perimeter and area of polygons

Cookie Dough - game found on the Funbrain site which allows students to practice converting numbers from numerical form to word form and from word form to numerical form.

APlus Math Games - Bingo Math, with addition, division, and multiplication versions. The same with Hidden Picture Math. Concentration in addition and multiplication. Flashcards, advanced problems, and HomeworkHelper also available.

Ask Dr. Math - This is a Math Q&A web page sponsored by Math Forum @ Drexel. Students can ask questions about Math and have answers posters. Also includes a huge archive with answers about most Math areas. NEW Mar 2012

Math Baseball - drill in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division at multiple levels. Correct answers will score runs in this baseball format.

Math Forum Student Center- includes a variety of math lesson ranging from elementary to college level math, a student help center called Ask Dr. Math , Math Problem of the Week, and some Math games.

Math Problem of the Week- The Math Forum's Problems of the Week are designed to provide creative, non-routine challenges for students in math levels three to twelve. Problem-solving and mathematical communication are key elements of every problem.

Pizza Fractions - try this lesson plan to teach addition and multiplication of fractions, as well as equivalent fractions. Students can also complete the activities online and receive immediate scores.

Visual Fractions - allows students to visual fractions in a number of different forms including identifying, naming, comparing, adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions.

The Million Dollar Lesson - you will be surprised to find how their money grows in this lesson in exponential growth.

Mathematics Lessons that are Fun - a well done site by Cynthia Lanius which includes a large number of lessons for students ranging from simple counting to algebra, fractions, rations, geometry and calculus. Include above links such as Pizza Fractions and Million Dollar Lesson.

Multiplication: An Adventure in Number Sense - please check this site for some very useful hints and helpers for students who are having trouble learning the multiplication tables. You
will find several activities, tables, and tricks.

Change Maker - an online game whereby students can buy something but they will have to choose the correct amount of coins and bills first. Adaptable for U.S., Canadian, U.K., Australian, and Mexican currencies, in degrees of difficulty from amounts less than $1.00 to Big Spenders.

Interactive Flashcards - contains a wide variety of math flashcards covering addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, order of operation, square root, money and a variety of other areas.

All About Ratios - try these creative, online exercises for teaching or reinforcing your skills in ratios. A quiz follows the exercises.

Ethnomathematics: Webhunt - mathematics will be seen in quite a new light as students explore math in cultures across the ages, from African games, to Mayan calendars, to the first use of zero and negative numbers

Purple Math Algebra Lesson - a large number of instructional modules cover most algebra topics.

Quick Math - provide free automatic math solutions of a wide variety of algebra problems. It functions like an algebra calculator that allows you to expand, factor and simplify any algebraic equation.  It will solve equations and inequalities and even calculus problems.

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