IXL Language Practice - This site that was once limited to Math Practice now includes English Language Arts skills ranging from Pre-K to Grade 12. What is neat about the site is the way you can pass your mouse pointer over each of the large list of language arts skills and view examples of the type of skill that is covered prior to selecting it. Unlimited use requires a paid membership, but each computer system is apparently allowed limited practice each day. UPDATED Oct 2016

Guide to Grammar and Writing - This site, sponsored by the Capital Community College Foundation provides an excellent and comprehensive online guide to English grammar, sentence construction, spelling and composition. Use the floating index to locate specific grammar you are studying. You will also find categories for Forms of Communication Ask Grammar and Online Interactive Quizzes.UPDATED Jan 2015

Writer's Workshop Grammar Handbook - This grammar handbook, which is part of the Writer's Workshop at University of Illinois website, contains rules for parts of speech and sentence structure.

Big Dog's Down and Dirty Grammar - light approach to a grammar guide using sentences about dogs to make the point

Wacky Web Tales - site using a madlibs format to allow students practice their parts of speech, fill in the blanks, and read the resulting story. This site allows students to create their own wacky web tales to post on site.

Grammar Gorillas - Students will enjoy practicing and reinforcing their grammar skills with this online game from Funbrain. Both beginner and advanced levels are available.

Grammar Bytes: Grammar Instruction with an Attitude - Interesting grammar portal which provides access to grammar tips and rules, exercises, handouts, powerpoint presentations, and videos. UPDATED Jan 2015

Basic Elements of English - University of Calgary website guide to English grammar is divided into parts of speech, sentence  elements, punctuation, and word use. Most of the sections contain drills which students.

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