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The following student testimonial is the fourth in our series of stories of how our students are adjusting to remote learning during these challenging times...

Current Student in TRA-Brockton ESOL Level 2 Class

“I have had the privilege of having been chosen to become an ESOL student at Training Resources of America, Inc. My teacher’s name is Ms. Nahoko. She, along with all the other teachers at TRA, teaches with love. The love that comes through their teaching motivates and inspires me towards building a successful life in America. Ms. Nahoko triggers the students’ drives to want to push themselves toward their goals.

This is the first time I have ever been taught online. I like it because it has led me to become more independent in learning my English language skills. I have become much better with my listening skills. I am understanding the English language better and I feel more comfortable in communicating with people in English. Ms. Nahoko has always been there for me when I need any help. Thank you very much TRA for allowing me to have this wonderful experience.”

And thank you Carline (a native of Haiti) for sharing your thoughts! We are so glad to hear how well things are going for you with distance learning! And thanks to Nahoko Y. Vigneau, M.Ed., our TRA-Brockton ABE 1 and ESOL 2 Instructor and the other instructional staff in our Dept. of Elementary and Secondary Education Adult Literacy evening program for a job well done!

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