Check out our recent Success Stories from TRA Quincy and Brockton's Young Parents Programs!

TANASIA MAJORS, Current Student at TRA-Quincy YPP:
Tanasia, age 23, came to the program in April 2019 through a referral from the DTA office after having her second child. Her goals include: attaining her high school equivalency credential, obtaining her learners’ permit/drivers’ license, and securing employment where she can interact with customers. To date (October 2019), she has obtained a certificate in Customer Service from the National Retail Federation, completed two of the five HiSET tests, received her learners’ driving permit, and is exploring her education and employment options. Of her experience with TRA, Tanasia says, “Staff at TRA have been very supportive, especially my YPP Instructor, Stephanie.” Keep up the good work, Tanasia!

CAITLYN BLYE, Graduate from TRA-Brockton YPP:
Caitlyn came to YPP while expecting her first child. She was determined to obtain her high school equivalency credential prior to her delivery date. She passionately took advantage of all the programming that was available, and obtained certificates of completion in both the Active Parenting Program and the UMASS Extension Choices Program. Shortly, before the birth of her daughter, Caitlyn took and passed the HiSET. However, her determination to further herself did not stop there! As a new mom, she transitioned into a CNA program, where she obtained her Massachusetts licensure.

NIECHA SMITH-WALKER, Graduate from TRA-Brockton YPP:
Niecha came to TRA-Brockton’s YPP at the age of 19 and already the mother of two children. Recognizing that she was nowhere near satisfied with how her life was going, she strived and worked hard to achieve her goals. “After beginning at TRA, I didn’t think that I would complete the program. However, with the help of [TRA staff] I continued my journey,” said Niecha. Three months later, she passed all the HiSET exams and enrolled in a medical assistance training program. “I owe my success to Training Resources of America.”

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